Heritage Through An Ornamental Lense

In March of 2022, I had the honour to be awarded the Ontario Arts Council Career Catalyst Grant. This grant enabled me to further my practice through training in silversmithing and additional laser cutting instruction. I was also able to create this Shopify website you the reader are viewing this article on. This website will allow for me to sell my art anytime anywhere. This project has been truly special and I am so excited to take what I have learned this past year into my future. 


Below are all the beautiful jewelry craft pieces I have created from my signature laser cut and engraved plexiglass pieces to a a new expansion of my practice into metal work in silver, brass and copper. Pieces from this latest collection will available in the spring.  


This collection was an exploration into my own history and heritage. The classic styles of my adolescence combined with beading techniques learned in my present. Oyster and Clam inspired pieces to hang over the heart, with influence drawn from collecting shells on the island of Jamaica with my family and visiting New Orleans with my chosen family. All of these pieces are special in that they hold memories that sing in my ears as the beads, metal and plexiglass shake with the wind and movement of my body.


Silver hoops and Silver Ring with Lapis Lazuli Stone
Silver Hoops and Silver Ring with Lapis Lazuli Stone in a Bezel Setting
Brass oyster shell pendant necklace
 Up close image of brass oyster shell pendant
Brass Oyster Shell Necklace
Copper Clam Pendant Necklace
Copper Clam Pendant Necklace
A rack of laser cut & engraved earrings with gem beads
Laser Cut & Engraved plexiglass earrings with gem beads
Laser Cut & Engraved plexiglass earrings with gem beads
Laser Cut & Engraved Plexiglass Earrings with Jade, Tiger Eye, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Malachite beads, Cowrie Shells and Silver Charms.
This project made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Arts Council
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